Western Combat Boots

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Gender: Girls

NOTE : Before you BUY any shoes 

Please Measure your children's foot length in (CM) and check our size chart below,If His/her feet are chubby , we advise you to choose one bigger size.and the size we listed means inner foot lenght.


INSIDE LENGHT = foot lenght (heel to toe ) 

If the foot lenght is 13CM, Please add 0.5CM which becames 13.5 cm then pick the size 


                        Size Chart                    
US size:9      =  European size 26=insole length 16.4cm
US size:10    =  European size 27=insole length 17cm
US size:11    =  European size 28=insole length 17.7cm
US size:11.5 =  European size 29=insole length 18.3cm
US size:12.5 =  European size 30=insole length 18.9cm
US size:13.5 =  European size 31=insole length 19.5cm
US size:1      =  European size 32=insole length 20.2cm
US size:2      =  European size 33=insole length 20.9cm
US size:2.5   =  European size 34=insole length 21.6cm
US size:3.5   =  European size 35=insole length 22.1cm
US size:4.5   =  European size 36=insole length 22.8cm